Audit and Attest

At UW & Associates, the audit approach is truly a collaborative and tailored approach for each client that allows the standards to be met while utilizing a focus on best practices. Through this approach, not only are risks identified but opportunities for growth are determined and this information is discussed with each client for their utilization. UW & Associates understands the concerns of the client through our first-hand experience of being audited. As a result, our approach has taken these concerns into account while remaining to be flexible to adapt to any new concerns that we may encounter. In other words, we do not believe in simply a check the box approach.

No matter why you might need an audit or other level of service, UW & Associates can expertly meet your needs.


Audit and Attest Services

  • Audits
  • Compilations
  • Risk Assessments and Internal Control Reviews
  • Employee Benefits Plan Audits
  • Service Organization Control Examinations and Readiness Reviews 
  • Reviews
  • Agreed-upon Procedures
  • Compliance/Regulatory Audits
  • Financial Forecasts and Projections